Lara Dautun (
I am a graphic designer experimenting with alternative forms of publishing, and enthusiastically designing books , websites and other coding bricolages, typefaces, and from time to time writing texts or fabricating images .
Two Stories of Feminist Publishing
Research/ Website/ Web-to-print
2023, link ↝
+ Bachelor thesis and documentation. This research focused on the Women in Print Movement in the Netherlands during the second feminist wave. Its aim was to shed light on histories unjustly excluded from the book history, highlighting their relevance and resonances in contemporary design and publishing practices. Through the analysis of the movement's archives, but also through interviews with its participants, emerge a rich and varied reservoir of ideas and approaches for more sustainable, inclusive and emancipatory publishing practices, but also stories of love, friendship and solidarity.
Vernacular Photography in Conversation
Editorial Design/ Editing
2020, 56 pages, 10 × 29,7 cm
A study of vernacular photography, through a series of interviews with the ones who make it and/or use it as an artistic medium. All of the interviews were prepared, conducted and transcribed exclusively for this publication.
Colour Block
Image/ Writing
2021, 180 × 75 cm
+ A journey in the dry and ominous landscape of a creative block. What happens when ideas dissapear, when they become elusive, volatile, out of reach? A tale about feeling lost, being stuck and other internal struggles related to creation.
Letters From the Sublime
Image/ Writing
2021, 11 riso-printed postcards
+ A literary and visual dissection of my Sublime. 11 envelops were sent to 11 persons, asking them about their Sublime.
Inside Out
Image/ Video
2020, 4:59'
A nightmarish immersion in the dreams of a brain in lockdown.