Lara Dautun (
I am a graphic designer experimenting with alternative forms of publishing, and enthusiastically designing books , websites and other coding bricolages, typefaces, and from time to time writing texts or fabricating images .
Type Design (Revival)/ Research
2020–, in collaboration with Barbara Strzeżek and Samuel Salminen
+ Hieronimus is an in progress, year-long, research-driven process of reviving Renaissance types, conducted in collaboration with Barbara Strzeżek and Samuel Salminen.
The Mosquito Newspaper
Identity/ Editorial Design/ Typography
2021, 32 pages, 210 × 297 mm
+ An open-ended and open-source identity for KABK's (Royal Academy of Arts The Hague) independent student newspaper. Flexible, collective and collaborative rather than authoritarian and restrictive, this protean identity intends to leave space for interpretation and evolve through time, along with the groups of students constituting the Journal team.
Type Design/ Coding
Typographic experimentations in Python
Hulk is a bulky font programmed in Python (Drawbot), using the creative potential of non-standardised tools to invent new shapes.
Choreographer Portraits — Lucinda Childs
Editorial Design/ Type Design
2019, Publication, 135 pages, 220 × 285 mm, Collection of 12 signs and Posters (400 × 600 mm) in collaboration with Hugo Le Corre
First piece of a collection dedicated to great choreographers of the late twentieth century, this publication focuses on Lucinda Childs' life-long work and collaborations.