Lara Dautun (
I am a graphic designer experimenting with alternative forms of publishing, and enthusiastically designing books , websites and other coding bricolages, typefaces, and from time to time writing texts or fabricating images .
Two Colours: A Risographic Exploration
Editorial Design/ Printing/ Image
2021, in collaboration with Barbara Strzeżek, 243 pages, 78 × 136 mm
15 colours, 28 combinations, and a good dozen of hours spent with the Risograph. Imagined in collaboration with Barbara Strzezek, Two Colours is a technical and chromatic guide exploring colour associations and (a part of) the range of visual potentials specific to this technology.
Colour Block
Image/ Writing
2021, 180 × 75 cm
+ A journey in the dry and ominous landscape of a creative block. What happens when ideas dissapear, when they become elusive, volatile, out of reach? A tale about feeling lost, being stuck and other internal struggles related to creation.
Letters From the Sublime
Image/ Writing
2021, 11 riso-printed postcards
+ A literary and visual dissection of my Sublime. 11 envelops were sent to 11 persons, asking them about their Sublime.
Inside Out
Image/ Video
2020, 4:59'
A nightmarish immersion in the dreams of a brain in lockdown.
Image/ Editing
2020, 70 pages, 290 × 594 mm
If colours are qualia (individual instances of subjective, conscious experience) — and thus escape language by nature — can images fill the gap between speech and perception? A perceptive exploration of the colour red.